Continuing Lindy’s Legacy

From Lindy to Linda

Lindy’s Cookies was founded in 2016 by Lindy Siefker who started the business out of her home kitchen. Joy began to spread further in 2018 as new team members joined forces with Lindy and operations began to take place out of a commercial kitchen in Carmel, IN.

In 2022, unexpected staffing challenges and Lindy’s battle against breast cancer nearly caused the business to close–opening the door for a different story to unfold.

While volunteering for a church event in the same commercial kitchen the business operated from, Linda Eckel met the women baking for Lindy’s Cookies and learned of its pending closure. Linda, who runs a catering business outside of her home, has a passion for bringing people around the table that runs deep. With a heart bent toward loving on people through food, Linda instantly fell in love with the mission behind Lindy’s Cookies.

Days after meeting Lindy’s Cookie crew, Linda’s family challenged her with an unexpected question: “how are you planning to expand your catering business?” The question prompted Linda to reach out to Lindy to see if taking on the cookie business was meant to be.

The ladies decided there was no time to waste. Lindy and Linda became fast friends as Lindy gracefully imparted her wisdom to Linda who knew she had big shoes to fill as she took ownership of Lindy’s Cookies.

Get to Know Linda

For over 20 years–the same length of time Lindy spent perfecting her sugar cookie recipe–Linda has been serving and catering food. From volunteering at church to large-scale events and conferences to managing her own catering business, her love for food service stems from a deep desire to bring people back to the table.

With life moving at a faster and faster pace, Linda founded her catering business with a mission to help families gather around the table at night to reconnect and share about their days.

While thrilled to expand her skills as part of Lindy’s Cookies, Linda is especially grateful for the team of incredible cookie artists working hard alongside her as they carry on Lindy’s legacy cookie by cookie.

“It is endless what the ladies I work with can do.”
Linda Eckel

Owner of Lindy’s Cookies

The Team of Cookie Artists

A team of cookie artists is the driving force behind Lindy’s Cookies. The love of baking, icing, and detailing is shared by all who work at Lindy’s Cookies–and the joy that is spread throughout the kitching while creating cookies is infectious.

With each cookie that is skillfully detailed, the team knows joy is being brought to people as they celebrate the ones they love and commemorate events that hold special meaning.

The growing team combines veteran cookie artists who worked alongside Lindy as well as a new generation of cookie artists in training. On any given day, stories and memories of the early days of Lindy’s Cookies can be heard coming from the kitchen, all while new memories take shape. With every team member focusing on their individual strengths, they continue the work of bringing joy in a box to people with each and every beautifully decorated cookie.

Lindy’s Cookies

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