Lindy’s Legacy

Continuing Lindy’s Legacy

Lindy Siefker

December 18, 1963 — July 6, 2022
Lindy Siefker loved nothing more than to see joy spread to the recipients of each and every individual who enjoyed one of Lindy’s Cookies. Anyone who met Lindy instantly understood that Lindy’s Cookies was always about more than cookies.

Lindy’s Cookies was founded with a mission to spread joy to a broken world desperately in need of it.

Lindy fulfilled that mission not only through the cookies her team baked, but in a myriad of ways. With a true servant’s heart, people couldn’t help but feel the love and joy Lindy emanated. From the cookies she donated to the community to the work environment she fostered, Lindy was the kind of person you want to be–accepting of all, loving of all.

The History of Lindy’s Cookies

Lindy was a life-long baker, but her baking journey really took off when money was tight and all five of her boys wanted to play sports and take music lessons. To help support her boys’ dreams, Lindy had each of her boys take turns “owning” the cookie business out of their home. Going door to door, they passed out sugar cookie samples and took orders. Lindy then got to work baking to help the boys raise money to participate in activities.

When the boys began to leave the nest, Lindy’s sugar cookies continued to gain popularity and baking quickly became more than a hobby. By 2018, Lindy welcomed two new team members to Lindy’s Cookies and operations moved to a commercial kitchen in Carmel, IN to give the team space to keep up with demand.

Lindy’s Legacy

Lindy’s mission to spread joy to others never ceased even as she courageously battled breast cancer. Lindy continued to operate Lindy’s Cookies, always grateful for the time she had to serve others and spread joy cookie by cookie.

In early 2022, when Lindy knew she could no longer run the business, by Divine timing, she connected with Linda Eckel whom she felt was the answer to a missing piece of the puzzle. Lindy and Linda became fast friends as Lindy gracefully imparted her wisdom to Linda, who knew she had big shoes to fill as she took ownership of Lindy’s Cookies. Four months after meeting, Lindy peacefully passed away on July 6, 2022.

“Lindy did not lose the fight with cancer; she battled it courageously, never wavering in her faith in God or in her desire to serve and love others.”

Lindy’s Legacy Lives On Through Lindy’s Cookies

In all aspects of life, Lindy lived her life fully. She grew the cookie business from friends and family to local farmers markets and retail stores. While growing the business was never the goal, furthering her mission to spread more joy in a broken world was achieved with each and every cookie sold or donated.

While Linda recognizes she can never fill Lindy’s shoes, she is honored to ensure Lindy’s legacy lives on through the cookies she perfected over the course of her lifetime.

To this day, Lindy’s presence can be felt in the commercial kitchen as the team creates delicious and beautiful cookies, carrying on Lindy’s legacy, cookie by cookie.