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Started using her passion for baking cookies to bless those she cared about. But soon word got around and people started asking to place orders. Seeds were planted and excitement grew.

This is the result.

Our Why

Business owners Lindy, Lisa and Amy met during a production of Mary Poppins in the fall of 2018. Lindy (ensemble), Lisa (Mary Poppins) and Amy (Bird Woman, ensemble) formed a special friendship that continued to deepen beyond the final curtain call.

Within two weeks of the show coming to an end, a vision came to Amy’s mind of doing business with people she loved, valued and enjoyed being with so she didn’t have to return to doing business on her own. She wasn’t sure what it would look like, but she approached Lindy and Lisa with this idea and asked if they would be willing to dream with her and go on this adventure with her. They said a resounding yes!

How We Do IT

This recipe has been in the works and being perfected over the last 20 years. Our cookies are made with only 9 ingredients – all of which you can pronounce. Basic. Simple. All natural. Yummy goodness. Melt in your mouth. Custom designed. Gluten free, vegan, and dairy free are all options, too.

We have the privilege of baking our cookies in Capital City Kitchen in Carmel, IN.

UNlimited possibilities

Lindy has baked over 77,000 cookies in every conceivable shape and theme. There are no limits on what we can create, because the driving force is

Your imagination.

Meet the Team

Founding Partner

Amy is passionate about building into teams and organizations so they thrive in their sphere of influence, and she truly believes that happens through leadership development. Grow your people and you will grow your organization to greater heights. As a certified coach, trainer and speaker with The John Maxwell Team.


Lindy is a long time baker and lover of spreading joy to others! Her baking journey began with raising 5 boys who all wanted to play sports and take music lessons and money was tight. So each of the boys took their turn at “owning” the cookie business out of their home. They would each go door to door and pass out samples of her sugar cookies & take orders.

Founding Partner

Lisa’s first experience with Lindy’s Cookies was during the initial meeting and read-through for Mary Poppins at Grace Church, where she had the pleasure of tasting one of Lindy’s delicious cookies (or two or three, perhaps). She was amazed at the quality and deliciousness and she and Lindy formed an instant connection.

“ I have ordered Lindy’s cookies for many years & for many occasions. Her over the top cookie decorating is gorgeous and her flavor, predictably delicious. Around Thanksgiving, I order a mix of fall related cookies (my favorite is the petite acorn beautifully adorned with golden sugar). It is not hard to impress my real estate clients as I surprise them with this bag of assorted cookies! Lindy helps make me look good in my business!”


“I can’t say enough about Lindy’s cookies. I once bought a dozen pretending it was for my family…I ate nine of them on the car ride home. The cookies balance both a perfect amount of flour and sugar, and have just the right amount of icing. Most importantly, Lindy makes them herself. She demands perfection. To make them right, she makes them herself. Everyone who buys cookies from Lindy has a story that Lindy becomes a part of. Whether it’s someone’s first birthday, a friend’s graduation, or, in my case, someone hungry for a dozen great cookies, everyone has a good reason to ask Lindy’s cookies to become a part of their story. Lindy’s cookies perfectly balance the amount of icing, sugar, and flour. They are high quality because Lindy demands high quality of herself. I love Lindy’s cookies. In fact, excuse me for a moment while I order some more.


“I love ordering from Lindy! Her cookies are a staple at all of our holiday gatherings. In fact, it wouldn’t feel like a celebration without them now! Whatever the event, I feel that she actually celebrates the occasion right along with me by prayerfully creating each and every cookie with a design that is so specific and detailed to my need. Everyone I send them to raves about the taste, texture and custom designs! Plus, her gluten free recipe is the best we’ve ever had! If I want to make someone feel celebrated and special, Lindy’s Cookies is my go-to every single time!”


“I enjoy these cookies more than I should admit. There is something about them that really brings me joy, deep down, when I see them. I highly recommend these to everyone. And surprisingly, the gluten free cookies are just as good!!”

Marcus Casteel

delicious iced sugar cookies + whimsical design = JOy in a box

Let’s chat about your upcoming event or the special person you want to delight. Our passion is delivering smiles and joy to every customer we serve. Let’s brainstorm! Our favorite part of the process is working with you to  come up with just the right design to fulfill your vision. Our joy comes from seeing delight from those we serve. You want to deliver a box of joy to someone who doesn’t live nearby? No problem. WE SHIP!

We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us below.

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