Theme Cookies

Anniversary (Hearts, Rectangles with Names, Squares with # Years, “Happy Anniversary” Squares)

Autumn (Pumpkins, Leaves, Acorns)

Baby Shower (Onesies, Rattles, Bottles, “Baby” Rectangles)

Bachelorette Party (Rings, “Miss to Mrs” Rectangles, Corsets, “Bride” Squares)

Birthday (Balloons, Cupcakes, Squares with Age, “Happy Birthday” Squares)

Bridal Shower (Rings, Gowns, “Bride to Be” Rectangles, Hearts)

Celebration of Life (“Name” Rectangles, 3 Shapes with custom messages)

Engagement Party (Rings, “She/He Said Yes!” Rectangles, Hearts, Squares with Names)

Graduation (Caps, Gowns, Diplomas, Rectangles with School Name or Graduate Name)

Spring (Umbrellas, Tulips, Rainbows, Squares with Flowers”)

Summer (Beach Balls, Watermelons, Suns, Flip Flops)

Thank You! (Shapes with “Thank You!”)

Wedding (Wedding Gowns, “We Do” Squares, “Mr. + Mrs.” Rectangles, Hearts) 

Winter (Sweaters, Hats, Gloves, Snowflakes)