How it began…

Partners Lindy, Lisa and Amy met during a production of Mary Poppins in the fall of 2018. Lindy (ensemble), Lisa (Mary Poppins) and Amy (Bird Woman, ensemble) formed a special friendship that continued to deepen beyond the final curtain call. Within two weeks of the show coming to an end, a vision came to Amy’s mind of doing business with people she loved, valued and enjoyed being with so she didn’t have to return to doing business on her own. She wasn’t sure what it would look like, but she approached Lindy and Lisa with this idea and asked if they would be willing to dream with her and go on this adventure with her. They said a resounding yes!

Lindy already had a cookie business that had grown from a way she communicated love and care for people to orders coming in droves. Word of mouth spread about how beautiful her cookies were and how delicious they tasted, so she started a small business out of her home kitchen in 2016. But there had been a limit to what she could do because it was just her with one oven. Now that Lindy, Lisa and Amy have joined forces, they can bring more joy to more people. They love helping you celebrate the people in your life and commemorate events that hold special meaning.

Community. Celebration. Kindness. Joy. It really is more than a cookie. It’s joy in a box.