Amy Snow

Amy is passionate about building into teams and organizations so they thrive in their sphere of influence, and she truly believes that happens through leadership development. Grow your people and you will grow your organization to greater heights. As a certified coach, trainer and speaker with The John Maxwell Team, she has had the honor of working with teams around the country and has seen how powerful and transformative investing in leadership can be when individuals and teams fully engage in the process.

Amy also absolutely loves fitness and nutrition and as a former Division I soccer player she has remained a lifelong participant in sports. Being an athlete has positively impacted every aspect of her life. In fact, she believes it actually helped prepare her for life. As a result, she loves getting to walk alongside elite student, professional and Olympic athletes as they transition to the next level in their sport or as they move into a new career. Helping them to create a game plan, challenging them to push themselves in new ways and ultimately getting them to their goals faster than they could on their own is incredibly rewarding and energizing!

So how did she get in the cookie business? It is all about the people. Team. Getting to create a business with friends that she loves and respects, Amy knows that together they can accomplish something far greater than they ever could on their own. She loves getting to deliver joy on a regular basis with Lindy and Lisa as well as getting to build into their team!

Amy calls Carmel, Indiana home, but she’s had the privilege of traveling extensively around the world and has experienced the richness of a wide variety of cultures.  She enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing indoor soccer in a weekly community league and serving as a worship leader singing/playing guitar for her home church.