Lindy Siefker

Lindy is a long time baker and lover of spreading joy to others! Her baking journey began with raising 5 boys who all wanted to play sports and take music lessons and money was tight. So each of the boys took their turn at “owning” the cookie business out of their home. They would each go door to door and pass out samples of her sugar cookies and then take orders. Then Lindy would go to work baking for friends and family to help each of the boys raise money to then be able to participate in activities. Whichever son was currently “in charge” of the business would pay for the ingredients and then Lindy would bake, with the help of each of them, and in turn, assist with helping them to earn money to do what they really enjoyed!

Over time, the boys started to leave the nest and Lindy realized she really did love to bake and her cookies started to gain popularity. In 2016, she started baking more and more and the orders from friends, neighbors and family continued to roll in. This quickly became more than a hobby!

Lindy’s love for musical theater led her to audition for Mary Poppins in the summer of 2018. The production was to be put on by Grace Church in the fall and she desperately wanted to be in the cast of talented musicians and dancers! The biggest obstacle for her was that she had been battling breast cancer since 2013. Shortly after being diagnosed, she progressed to stage 4 with the cancer spreading to her ovaries. She has had limitations along the way due to side effects from all of the chemotherapy she had to take to help keep the cancer from rapidly spreading. But she prevailed and was cast in the production with some pretty amazing people and a very gracious directing team!

And the rest is history! She loves to bake, ice and customize each cookie to meet the desires of her faithful customers, but mostly she loves seeing JOY spread to the recipients of each and every cookie! She is so excited to be taking this journey with amazing people who share her passion with spreading joy to a broken world who desperately needs more of it!